Government Accountability

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New Mexicans deserve a state government that looks out for the best interests of the people.  But under the previous administration, our state was rife with corruption and malfeasance.IMG_2986

When Governor Martinez took office, public confidence in our state government was at an all-time low.  She immediately began work to restore confidence with New Mexicans by changing the way business is done in Santa Fe.

That included selling the state jet – a symbol of waste fraud and abuse.  She also signed a bill that allows judges to strip those convicted of public corruptions charges of their public pensions.

Governor Martinez will continue to enact policies that hold elected officials accountable and give New Mexicans more confidence in their state government.

  • Reached recovery settlements totaling $27 million related to secret fees paid to Richardson cronies in the pay-to-play scandals involving state pension funds, which will be largest recovery in state history.
  • To end the practice of public officials using their time in public service to create a personal payday, Governor Martinez required all administration appointees to forego lobbying for two-years after separating from state government.
  • Enacted lifetime ban on corrupt government contractors convicted of corruption.
  • Issued executive order prohibiting agencies or boards from hiring lobbyists.
  • Signed legislation allowing judges to seize pensions of elected officials convicted of corruption.
  • Required all board and commission appointees, as well as all political appointees to file financial disclosure forms with the Secretary of State’s Office, a practice that goes far beyond what is required in law.
  • Signed legislation extending conflict of interest laws and other governmental conduct provisions to local governments

Governor Martinez Increased Transparency in State Government.

  • Directed Governor’s staff to film legislative committee hearings, legislative floor sessions, and certain board/commission meetings and place videos online so that the public would have access to these meetings.
  • Signed legislation that requires public records to be available in electronic format
  • Posted salary information for all taxpayer-funded employees online.
  • First Governor to utilize state email and posts her official calendar online. First Governor to require all administration personnel to use state email when conducting public business.
  • Launched the State’s Sunshine Portal on time, with significant improvements.
  • Signed legislation requiring school district and state-funded charter school budgets to be displayed on the Sunshine Portal.
  • Signed legislation requiring agendas for public meetings to be made available 72 hours in advance and displayed on the Internet
  • Signed legislation that increased transparency of sole source procurement and emergency procurement, two categories that are often abused.
  • Started a wildfire notification system that sends email alerts to New Mexicans about the status and warnings related to wildfires in their area.
  • Posted online the State’s most delinquent taxpayers and the full list of delinquent child support payers who have bench warrants.
  • Signed legislation requiring certain school board candidates to file campaign finance reports with the State.