Governor Martinez And The Minimum Wage

Governor Susana Martinez understands that New Mexico must be competitive with our neighboring states in order to grow jobs.  Consistent with that principle, she supports raising the minimum wage, so long as it is in line with neighboring states, and does not hurt small businesses and kill jobs. In 2013, Governor Martinez supported raising the… Read more

Martinez Eliminated Largest Structural Deficit in State History Without Raising Taxes

New Mexico Has Heavily Relied On Federal Dollars And Is Now “Learning What Happens When Uncle Sam Slows The Flow Of Money.” “This State, Which For More Than A Century Has Relied So Heavily On Federal Government Economic Support, Is Learning What Happens When Uncle Sam Slows The Flow Of Money. … Given The Budget Wars In Washington… Read more

Dependency on Federal Spending Hurts New Mexico’s Economy

New Mexico is more reliant on federal government spending than any other state, and experts agree that is why our state has been especially hard hit by the national recession and the dysfunction in Washington, D.C. Governor Martinez and reform-minded Democrats are making remarkable progress when it comes to diversifying our economy by working to… Read more