Democratic Mayor of Gallup Endorses Governor Susana Martinez

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Mayor Jackie McKinney Praises Governor Martinez For Putting New Mexico First

Gallup, NM — Democratic Mayor Jackie McKinney of Gallup announced today his support for re-electing Governor Susana Martinez. The endorsement comes on the heels of Governor Martinez’s second English-language commercial, which features other Democratic mayors praising her for working across the aisle to get things done for New Mexico.

Mayor McKinney released the following statement:

“As a Democrat and Mayor of Gallup, I am proud to endorse Governor Susana Martinez for re-election.

“I know Governor Martinez very well and have worked with her closely over the years on various issues, including honoring New Mexico’s veterans, helping small businesses create more jobs through increased tourism and serving the needs of our Native American communities.  Governor Martinez is an authentic and passionate leader who sincerely cares about the people we represent and any attempt to suggest otherwise is simply false.

“One reason I am stepping forward is because I am profoundly disappointed by the personal and unfair attacks launched against Governor Martinez by those trying to divide our state along partisan, political lines.  Using four-year-old audio tapes of a private conversation in which the governor curses is a cheap shot, and I stand by her because she tackled the issue head-on and refuses to allow this petty bullying and gotcha politics to distract her from focusing on the issues important to New Mexico.

“There’s a reason Democratic mayors are taking the unprecedented step of endorsing Governor Martinez and that’s because we all believe our state needs to move beyond divisiveness.  I know first-hand that we have a great Governor who is working across party lines to tackle the tough issues and move New Mexico forward.”