As a former prosecutor for over 25 years who specialized in prosecuting child abuse and child homicide cases, Governor Martinez made fighting crime a top priority. From increasing pay for police and corrections officers to cracking down on DWI to strong reforms targeting child abuse, Governor Martinez passed a wide array of crime-fighting measures.

Those initiatives include:

Signed Legislation Expanding Katie’s Law to Require DNA Collection for Those Arrested for ANY Felony Crime

Signed Racheal’s Law, Legislation That Protects Victims of Sexual Assault From Their Abusers by Allowing Courts to Grant Permanent Restraining Orders Against Convicted Sexual Predators

Fought for and Secured $1.2 Million in the FY17 Budget to Begin Clearing the Backlog of Over 5,000 Evidence Kits from Sexual Assaults and Rapes (This will be done very soon)

Signed Jaydon’s Law, which Gives Judges Access to the Juvenile Criminal Records of Adult Offenders Who Appear Before Them

Signed Legislation that Created a Statewide “Silver Alert” to Help Locate and Protect Individuals Suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Brain Injury

Signed Legislation that Created a Statewide “Brittany Alert” to Help Locate Missing Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Worked to increase pay for law enforcement officers. 

Created the New Mexico Corrections Department Fugitive Apprehension Team

Signed Legislation Protecting Senior Citizens and Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation and Related Abuses

Cracked Down on Repeat Offender Absconders