Ended Sanctuary State Policy

In her first year, Governor Martinez ended the Sanctuary State policy, that prohibited state law enforcement from determining the immigration status of those who have been arrested for committing crimes.

Stopped Giving Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

New Mexico was one of the last states giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. As a candidate, Susana Martinez made ending this dangerous practice one of her core campaign promises.

Illegal immigrants were obtaining New Mexico driver’s licenses and using them as identification both in New Mexico and elsewhere. It was making New Mexico a magnet for those seeking driver’s licenses, including human smuggling rings. Governor Martinez repeatedly stated this was a serious public safety issue and continually tried to repeal the law in the legislature.

After years of fighting liberal opponents in the legislature, Governor Martinez succeeded in ending the dangerous practice of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. And she did it in a bipartisan fashion.

National Guard at the Border

At the President’s request in 2018, Governor Martinez ordered National Guard troops to the border to address a border crisis and help better secure the border.