Small Business Groups Endorse Governor Martinez

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NFIB & ABC Praise Governor Martinez, Say She Will Move New Mexico’s Economy Forward

Two groups representing more than a thousand small businesses across New Mexico endorsed Governor Susana Martinez for re-election today, demonstrating that she is the best candidate to create jobs and move the state forward.  During a joint press conference, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of New Mexico called Governor Martinez a tireless advocate for small business owners who will move New Mexico’s economy forward.

“Governor Martinez goes to bat for small businesses every day and the fact that New Mexico has created 32,000 private-sector jobs under her watch is a testament to her efforts,” said Ray Zamora, CEO of Anchorbuilt, Inc. and chairman of ABC Board of Directors.  “In less than just four years, New Mexico went from a high-tax, unfriendly to business state to a pro-business state that has lower taxes and goes out of its way to help small businesses grow.  This is just another reason we need to give Governor Martinez four more years.”

“We have a governor who understands that we can no longer depend on the federal government to fuel our economy.  That’s why she cut taxes 24 times and reduced red tape – to make New Mexico’s economy as diverse as its people,” said Hap Richardson, president of Richardson and Richardson Construction, and chairman of NFIB/New Mexico’s Safe Trust.  “Because of the Governor’s efforts to diversify the economy, our state can now compete with places like Texas.  We need four more years of Governor Martinez’s leadership because she is making real improvements.”

Governor Martinez is working hard to diversify New Mexico’s economy after a century of heavy reliance on federal spending, which has hurt the state.  By cutting taxes and enacting policies to protect small businesses, Governor Martinez is fighting to make New Mexico less dependent on Washington, D.C.

Governor Martinez cut taxes 24 times and killed burdensome regulations that hurt small businesses.  She started the Office of Business Advocacy, which partners with small business owners to help them get off the ground and grow in New Mexico.  In a bipartisan manner, she worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass historic tax reform that cut the business tax rate by 22 percent.  She curbed tax pyramiding — double and triple taxation — that had been plaguing the construction industry for years, and she completely reformed the unemployment insurance system, taking the politics out of the process of setting rates that small businesses must pay each year.  As a result of these things and much more, 32,000 private sector jobs have been created since January 2011 and Ernst & Young says New Mexico has the lowest tax burden for manufacturing in the West.

In contrast, Gary King voted to raise taxes on struggling families – raising the price of food, gas and medicine.

“Growing up, my family lived pay check to paycheck.  My parents were small business owners, and I saw the struggles and successes up close. That is why I am so committed to helping small businesses grow, because I understand how difficult it can be to start and run a business,” Governor Martinez said. “As governor, it is my job to make it easier to create and grow a small business, and that is exactly what we are doing.”

The governor added, “I am humbled to receive the support from New Mexico’s small business community.  The days of bureaucratic red tape are going by the wayside, and we are giving everyone the chance to compete and build a better future for our great state.”